We are a member of the Association of Financial Companies in Poland, whose mission is to support financial enterprises and build their social capital. The Association brings together nearly one hundred key enterprises from the financial market in Poland, including banks, loan institutions, entities managing economic information as well as insurance and FinTech companies. For over 20 years, the organization has been working intensively to develop the financial market in Poland and raise ethical standards in the industry.

ZPF, as a member of the Financial Market Development Council established by the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Poland, is an active social partner in numerous legislative processes of key importance for the sector, both Polish and European. The tasks of the Association also include the representation of Polish financial institutions in the EU as a participant of EUROFINAS - European Federation of Finance House Associations.

The Association brings together the professional environment of participants in the financial sector, constituting a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as promoting professionalism, mutual respect and respect for ethical principles.