Our knowledge and experience may be particularly useful for entrepreneurs from industries with which we have been cooperating for many years.
Thanks to this, the client can be sure that we understand the specificity of his business, and that the legal advice we offer is practical and focused on minimizing legal risks.


We actively support entrepreneurs from the automotive industry, including those operating in special economic zones. As part of the services we offer, we take into account not only national regulations, but also international conditions of this type of business.

Research and development

We have practical experience in providing services to entrepreneurs (also international) in the R&D industry. Our clients include large audit, engineering, technology and consulting groups. We know the specifics of creating projects, their implementation and management / servicing.


We can boast of a significant number of large infrastructure and construction projects. We have experience in providing legal services to public and commercial investments at all stages of implementation. We have participated in the construction of, among others sports facilities, hospitals and industrial plants.


Our clients include, among others, entrepreneurs from the e-commerce industry. The specificity of this type of activity, especially in terms of providing services or selling goods to consumers, requires practical knowledge of creating regulations and policies, taking into account the protection of personal data and consumer rights. Our extensive experience allows us to minimize the risk of adverse legal and organizational solutions.


We have been successfully serving companies from the financial sector for over a dozen years. Our legal assistance focuses on legal representation, including in the field of foreign currency loans, and expert legal advice in the field of, i. a., banking law, personal data protection and AML.

IT and modern technologies

Legal protection of innovative solutions is of key importance from the point of view of the ICT business. We have practical experience in issues related to servicing entrepreneurs from the IT industry and modern technologies, both in terms of advisory and process.

Production and industry

A significant part of our clients are production and industrial companies. Our clients include companies with Polish capital as well as large international companies (including Japanese, American, French, Belgian, Italian, British, Czech, German, Finnish). Our approach to legal services for entities from this sector is cross-sectional and global, thanks to which we are able to respond to the current needs of the organization.

Agricultural and food production

We provide our services to well-known producers from the agricultural and food industry. The provided service covers civil, labour and administrative matters. Knowledge of the specifics of the industry allows us to provide flexible and comprehensive legal support.


We have experience that meets the needs of clients from the railway sector, both in terms of material and administrative law.