Sustainable Development (CSG/ESG)

We believe that our advice has a positive impact on sustainable development. We know that our clients - through their often very broad, international activity - influence the economy, and through it, the society and the world.

When providing services for our clients, we take into account the impact of business decisions on the natural environment, human rights and fair competition. We help clients raise their awareness of the opportunities and risks associated with sustainable development from a legal point of view. We also support them in the search for legal solutions that have a positive impact on the environment and people.


Increasingly, investors, when making decisions about the direction of further investments, choose those projects that are based on the policy of sustainable development. They are identified as more innovative and flexible in the changing economic reality. The implementation of the ESG strategy not only builds the company's credibility, but also its reputation as an entity for which non-financial elements in the management structure are as important as financial.

Our practice includes support in the field of non-financial reporting of enterprises and its evaluation. In order to build a competitive advantage and increase the company's credibility, we indicate areas that require correction or are prone to risk:

  • E (environmental) - we cooperate with professionals implementing solutions supporting green order and energy efficiency
  • S (social responsibility) - we offer legal support in the field of shaping relations with the company's stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, social environment), creating procedures and policies creating proper, lawful relationships at every level
  • G (corporate governance) - we analyze and propose the structure of the organization, management method, respect for shareholders' rights or fulfillment of disclosure obligations so as to ensure proper corporate governance