Legal service
The legal service offered by the Law Firm is carried out at several levels of cooperation:

  • compliance services to identify and manage legal risks,
  • ongoing legal advice related to the functioning of the company,
  • information on new legal regulations relevant to the company and their effects.

Within the scope of legal assistance provided, there are a number of areas of law in which we offer our clients services. These include in particular:

  • civil law, with particular emphasis on contract law,
  • company law (including corporate consultancy and M&A processes),
  • labour and social security law,
  • copyright and industrial property law,
  • public procurement law,
  • bankruptcy and restructuring law,
  • competition law,
  • real estate law (including construction),
  • administrative law,
  • environmental law,
  • telecommunications and internet law,
  • energy law,
  • personal data protection, including complete implementations in accordance with the GDPR.
Our practice includes legal risk management. In this scope, we:

  • implement legal provisions into the inter-organisational order,
  • check and correct internal regulations (also in terms of mutual consistency),
  • identify legal company-specific risks,
  • find solutions to minimise legal risk by developing and implementing appropriate procedures, ensuring that they are as simple as possible,
  • constantly monitor the client’s legal environment.

Within our fields of competence, we design a compliance management system appropriate for the client’s organization for:

  • establishing inter-organisational order and separating competences,
  • applying procedures to ensure compliance in day-to-day operations,
  • providing tools for identifying legal risk (in particular monitoring changes in law),
  • managing legal risk in the company,
  • constant monitoring of compliance status in the company,
  • educating employees,
  • ensuring consistency between individual internal procedures.
Legal representation
We offer our clients legal assistance in mediation, court disputes and administrative matters, in all instances throughout the country. Our services in the field of legal representation include:

  • analysis of the actual and legal status,
  • preparation of the case strategy,
  • editing and submitting pleadings, participation in hearings (meetings),
  • determination of the legitimacy of lodging appeals.
Vindication of claims
The company’s financial liquidity often determines its competitive advantage on the market. Improving this index usually involves the need to discipline contractors in the scope of settling overdue liabilities. The Law Firm has tools enabling professional and effective debt-claim, while maintaining ethical standards – without exposing clients to the risk of alleged illegal activity.

Institutional Client Services
The implementation of services for institutional clients (banks, telecoms, insurance companies, leasing companies, media suppliers, etc.) is associated with the need to implement appropriate procedures and ICT solutions. Our corporate debt collection services guarantee our clients high efficiency and full security.

We offer our support in the following areas:

  • monitoring and debt collection,
  • amicable representation in court proceedings,
  • including in incident proceedings,
  • representation in enforcement proceedings,
  • re-enforcement,
  • recommendation services,
  • legal services related to vindication of claims.
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